Pre & Post Surgery Treatments


Surgery itself is an important part of your skin rejuvenation process. 

Equally important are pre and post-op skin care treatments. It is this combination that yields the most positive surgical results, from accelerated healing and improved appearance to increased patient comfort and satisfaction.

It is best to begin pre-op skin treatments 14 – 30 days prior to surgery with post-op treatments starting immediately and continuing for 14 – 30 days after, depending on the surgical procedure.


Before Surgery – The Pre-Op Plan

The pre-op treatment phase is primarily about cleansing and stimulating the skin – preparing it to be in its most optimal state prior to surgery. Pre-op skin care treatments are designed to exfoliate, cleanse and strengthen; creating healthier skin that heals faster following surgery. Recommended pre-op treatments include: Microdermabrasion, peels, LED light, antioxidant treatments and therapeutic eye treatments. Our esthetician will recommend take home products for at-home pre-op daily skin care. 


After Surgery – The Post-Op Plan

The post-op treatment phase will focus mainly on soothing and healing. Post-op procedures are designed to comfort and speed the recovery process. These treatments promote the skin’s natural healing abilities and nurture patients through the healing process.

Recommended post-op treatments will include soothing and moisturizing treatments with Celluma  and camouflage makeup application. Recommended at-home products will be incorporated throughout your post-op plan.

I will develop a complete pre and post operative skin care regimen, with home care products to enhance the skin’s natural healing process, and maximize the results of your cosmetic surgery while minimizing recovery time.

it's my commitment to continue to support patients with a skin care plan following their procedure to maintain the investment they have made in their cosmetic surgery.