Face Taping
Face Taping

Face Taping


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 *IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - Specifically for sensitive skin, remember to always patch test the tape to make sure that you’re not allergic to the glue and that the tape is right for you (testing it on your wrist is easiest).

A full personalized  101 session based on your face. After purchasing, a picture of your face free of makeup is required, to give me the opportunity to examine your skin and personalize your tape application
How does face taping work?
The tapes resemble the structure of the skin and because of that, when they’re stuck onto the skin, they create a type of lifting effect by gently lifting the epidermis upwards which creates space under the skin. The space that has been created gives an opportunity for circulation to flow better. The uplifted area creates the space where blood and lymph will flow much more effectively and as a result the treated area will regenerate much quicker.

The Combination of unique techniques of manual face correction as well as face self modeling with the help of the tapes, will allow you to achieve amazing results in treating fine lines/wrinkles and sculpting the face. Tapes are the extension of manual therapy and allows results to last longer. This is personalized combination of techniques of manual face correction as well as face self modeling.