Botulinum-Derived Peptide Anti-Aging Care

Beutexcel provides satisfactory wrinkle improvement and whitening effects through various protein and peptide ingredients. The Patent registration of “BTXL”, the first cellular penetration-type botulinum toxin, was completed on ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary). Beutexcel offers an intensive premium home care solutions based on scientifically proven technology.

The Advanced K-Bio Technology

"Botulinum Toxin" is well known as “BOTOX" as an ingredient that has wrinkle improvement and lifting effects. BTXL, our patented technology component, is a recombinant protein derived from Botulinum and has proven its safety and effectiveness through human skin clinical tests. 

BTXL products provide safe and satisfactory effects using various protein and peptide incorporating our K-Bio technology based on selected natural hypoallergenic raw materials.

Our product, which has been scientifically proven to have a cell penetration effect using PTD technology, provides excellent wrinkle improvement skin solution. 

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