Shock Cellulite Treatment

The Shock Cellulite Treatment


Water retention is one of the first causes of cellulite, which causes an inflammatory tissue alteration which in turn increases the stasis of liquids. With the increase in water retention, the tissues will go into hypoxia, or a decrease in oxygen and relative worsening of the general conditions. "Shock Cellulite Treatment" is composed of substances such as Bergamot capable of activating cell metabolism, reducing the accumulation of fat in cells and inducing a lipolytic effect. An innovative MADE in ITALY treatment that restores compactness to your body to feel your best.


Acts on water retention and adipose accumulation. The functional substances of the line are also found within the powder mixture which, when mixed with water, will give life to the Biokalco Plus "Shock Cellulite Treatment". This means that not only the action of the previously applied products will be enhanced by the thermal and modeling action of Biokalco itself, but it will be amplified by the presence of the same active substances.