Collagen Threads

I am proud to offer this new innovative treatment to help retrieve back your youth in the most natural ways possible with no pain no harm. 


It is made by surgical sutures that are completely melted by the body are placed in the skin, and performing this suture a task of lifting the tissue under the skin. It stimulates collagen and different connective tissues and reveals regeneration process and signs of rejuvenation on the skin.
Collagen Threads helps to protect the skin from any signs of aging. It strengthens the elasticity of the skin and provides the skin with natural shine.

Collagen Threads stimulates the collagen fibers in the dermis and activates the cells. It is an ideal application to reduce wrinkles, strengthen and balance the skin’s barrier and open fine lines. This technique is the process of restoring the skin, restoring its elasticity, revitalizing and regenerating it. 



Regular collagen balance makes the skin more elastic and shiny, reduces wrinkles, slows down aging. Collagen Threads increases the Collagen level and allows you to upgrade the Collagen you need again. After the first session, it supports the reduction of fine lines and their complete opening in scheduled applications, and the vitality, brightness and elasticity of the skin are restored. Regular programs prevent the formation of fine lines and slow down the skin aging process.