Your Success is My Success.

 We created a course where the skin care professional was educated for success with the ability to correctly assess a client, explain how Lume Pen works for different skin concerns and and create transformative results for the client..  

The course steps through every aspect of the procedure starting with patient consultation and concerns, moving through contraindications, conditions treatable then settings and treatment technique.

At completion you will have  the tools, knowledge and guidance to perform safe and effective Lume needling treatments. 

We also leave you with the material to succeed. The training manual is downloadable for future reference along with all treatment forms for the procedure. It also includes a skin condition guide to give exact protocols, ingredients and home care suggestions for the client.


Training participants must present proof of esthetics or cosmetology license. To learn about Training Course, please contact us.

LUME PEN knows the importance of education when performing new procedures on clients. That is why we brought together skincare specialists with years of experience and even those internationally trained (CIDESCO) to create this in-depth course. It will progress from an overview of skin physiology to treatment techniques and advanced treatment protocols to give any practitioner the tools to tackle any client’s skin concerns. We are confident that with our continuous online and phone support the transformative outcomes for your patient’s skin will lead to a continuous profit center for your practice.

We also leave you with the information to succeed. Also included are the transformative guide of Step by Step Protocols. It gives detailed protocols for specific skin concerns with serum recommendations to use during the procedure, treatment spacing, and home care suggestions for the client.