Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask, 1 ct
Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask, 1 ct

Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask, 1 ct

Eye Mask

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Each Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is designed to help your guests escape and experience heavenly relaxation. They can simply place the eye mask over their eyes and sit back as the scent and gentle heat work their relaxing magic. Its lavender scent, combined with the gentle warmth of the mask, provides a restorative sensation. Tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are soothed. It’s a divine escape for the eyes and mind.

Divine Eyes are especially good for:

- Creating spa-style pampering at home
- Escaping and experiencing heavenly relaxation–anytime, anywhere
- Wearing during shavasana and meditation 
- Using as a blackout mask during sleep

More about Self-Heating Eye Masks

Unlike many other heated eye masks, this mask can be worn all night as a blackout mask, plus it’s ideal for meditation practice and shavasana.

Each individual foil-wrapped eye mask holds its heat for approximately 25 minutes and includes 85 minutes of FREE Crystal Sound Healing music to enhance the pampering experience and help rebalance chakras.


How Do Self-Heating Eye Masks Work?

Backed by science and developed by a company with strong links to self-heating technology, these luxurious eye masks promote relaxation and comfort thanks to an infusion of calming aromatherapeutic scents developed.

Combined with gentle, patented, air-activated double Ecosteam technology, they deliver a soothing sensory sensation. They’re perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping or for those who want to enjoy a pampering at-home spa experience.

Just 25 minutes is all it takes to help magically melt away stress, tension, or eye strain. It also calms and resets an overactive mind. 

They’re even suitable for use on children (with adult supervision) aged 5+ so all the family can enjoy a good night’s sleep or a mini reset when everyday life gets a little bit hectic.


How to Use the Self-Heating Eye Mask

1. Find a tranquil place to rest and recline.
2. Open the pouch and unfold the mask.
3. Gently place the mask over the eyes and fit the loops comfortably around the ears.
4. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to feel a gentle sensation as the mask warms up.
5. Simply allow yourself to drift off as you enjoy approximately 25 minutes of deeply relaxing and soothing warmth.

If using on children (aged 5+), you may need to secure it with an extra knot to tighten the loops. Adult supervision is advised while children wear the mask.


Do not bend or crush the mask before use. 
Do not allow the mask to come into contact with water or other liquids. 
Avoid using while wearing contact lenses, or immediately after applying eye drops.
Recommended for users aged 5+. 
Children should use this product under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Keep out of the reach of young children, babies, and pets. 
Do not heat up in the microwave. 
Do not cut or tear the mask. 
Do not use if damaged. 
Recycle products after use. 

Use only as directed. Remove the mask if any pain or discomfort is experienced. In case of irritation, rinse with warm water. Do not use if you have the inability to feel a heat sensation. Avoid using if you are suffering from diabetes or recovering from recent eye surgery. Seek medical advice if you have a condition affecting the skin around the eyes or you have sensitive skin.


Iron Powder, Activated Carbon Powder, Essence of Lavender, Salt, Vermiculite, Water